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I’m motivated by the impact of my work and service to others and I’m inspired by the way I can improve their lives (directly or indirectly) and how they also touch mine. Healthcare is my area of study, but also one of the areas where I’ve found meaning for this mission. The definition of strategies, achieving results, developing teams, together with improving patient’s quality of life, make this area particularly gratifying for me! At the same time, my 20 years’ experience in multinational companies, leading and contacting with different teams, has given me a good overview of the business and allow me to be more aware about how personal (including professional) well-being is key to be more effective and efficient in the roles we play and in the relationship we establish with others. Motivated by that, I have invested my time, learning and practices in different areas that complement my own experience – emotional intelligence, communication, mindfulness at work, stress management, conflict management. I am currently passionately dedicated to develop and implement mindfulness and emotional intelligence corporate programs, focused on improving business efficiency at the same time that we take care of the most precious resource: people!




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